Fairy Tattoo Designs And Ideas

If you're thinking of getting a fairy tattoo, but you're stuck for ideas of what to get, then this guide will help you out. Specifically, we're going to take a look at some of the most popular fairy designs. By the time you've finished reading, you'll have a much better idea of what's available - and which designs will be right for you! So let's get started.

Fairy tattoos are one of the most popular and interesting tattoo designs for women. The designs range from the cartoon graphic style, all the way to almost photo-realism detail, and everything in between.

Some of the most admired designs are inspired by real artwork, which is then transferred into a tattoo outline. the fairy art of Amy Brown is a particular favorite, and is commonly used for tattoo work as well.

The fairy designs often reflect different moods and emotions. You can choose happy fairies, mournful, sad fairies, majestic, graceful and beautiful fairies, and even scary, angry looking fairies. There's a lot of choice, so it's the perfect tattoo to get if you want to combine incredible artwork with a deeper feeling, emotion, or meaning.

These tattoos are also a good choice for a first tattoo, as they can be used in most of the popular first-timer tattoo locations, such as the arm, wrist, lower back, stomach and shoulder blade.

Most of the designs will use a wide range of color, often featuring blues, purples, reds, and more earthy colors such as green, brown, black, and auburn. The wings of the fairy often play a major part in the design, either with dazzling color, or the shapes which are used. For a more serene fairy, the wings will have softer, fragile curves. Some designs will have much sharper angles for the wings, and have more detail within the actual wing.

These designs will often include extra "scene" detail, such as branches where the fairy is sitting, or flowers, birds, butterflies, and other graphics which relate heavily to nature.

Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus flowers have always been symbolic to many of Asian cultures and religions, most especially in India. Perhaps that's why the lotus flower tattoo is so popular. Did you know that this beautiful flower starts growing from the bottom of a pond's' mud? With time, as it grows, journeying towards the light. Once it has actually reached the surface of the water, is when the flower starts to blossom and becomes a beautiful flower.

To Hindu and Buddhist religions this flower is a symbol of wakening to the religious reality of life. Between the two religions the meaning varies somewhat differently but both religions place high importance on the lotus flower.

To the more modern tattoo admirers the meaning simply refers to representing "life in general". Just as the beautiful lotus flowers starts it growth in the bottom of a muddy pod into something of great beauty as people we may also grow and evolve into something more beautiful as well. Thus the symbol represents our struggle in life of growth and change.

For those that may have gone though a rough time in their life and overcame it seems to be the ones who have chosen this flower design as a personal symbolic reference to themselves. Just as the lotus flower started at the bottom of that nasty pond it journeyed forth and evolved into something of magnificent beauty.

The Lotus flower tattoo design is often placed or harmonized with a Koi fish. Many times in a Koi fish pond can be found the beautiful lotus flower, perhaps why they are often creatively designed and intertwined together.